To be the New Testament church restored in the 21st century, enriching and edifying the spiritual lives of the saints, causing them to know Christ more and to make Him known more. 

Our vision is:  

  • To be a visitor friendly and warm, loving group of called-ou saints. 
  • To teach the gospel by our actions as well as our words. 
  • To teach sound biblical doctrine.
  • To love God more deeply and serve Him more greatly every year and to love one another more and souls of all men.
  • To meet sin sickness with the only prescription that can cure the soul, the gospel of Christ. 
  • To be a congregation of higher biblical learning. 
  • To develop men to be elders, deacons, personal workers, bible class teachers and better husbands and fathers. 
  • To develop women to teach other women, personal workers and better wives and mothers. 
  • To develop greater worshiping of our God. 
  • To foster greater personal spiritual growth of our members. 
  • To have greater numerical growth of our congregation by Bible evangelism. 
  • To praise our God and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by working together with God and with one another.

Summit City Church of Christ

New Testament Teaching & Preaching

5420 S Anthony Blvd

FT Wayne, IN 46806

Phone: (260) 456-7719

Logo Summit City-Tall

When we meet


Prayer Service:

9:00 AM

Bible Study

9:30 AM

Morning Worship

10:30 AM

Evening Worship

6:00 PM


Fourth Sunday

Men's Bible Class

5:00 PM

Ladies Bible Class

5:00 PM


 Bible Class:

7:00 PM

Recent Sermons

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